Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Pretty Much Hate Fall

^ I attempted to lure you in with that title. Did it work? I guess I'll have to wait and see what my Blogger statistics tell me...

But really, it's true! I do hate fall, for the most part. Okay, so today was pretty nice, once it got past about noon. However, fall is only nice the way that winter is nice; that is, almost never. Winter is pleasant around the holidays, the first couple of snows that stick, those few days when everyone is pink-cheeked, happy, and handing out presents. And fall is nice when it's bright and sunny, before the leaves have fallen, before the rains have come, when the world is teetering on the edge of summer still. Because, inevitably, in about 2-3 weeks, fall is gonna get grey-ish brown, and cold.

I had a rather unpleasant reminder of how fall really is yesterday. The high on Monday was about 48 degrees here in Athens (about 9C). We have yet to turn on the heat in my parents' home (that is, until last night's frost!), and so all of yesterday was spent in my sweats, thermal long-sleeve, and cashmere pullover (stolen from my grandpa). My feet were burrowed in my new fuggs (fake Uggs, guys). Not a happy camper. I hate being cold. And yeah, I will be a baby about it.

So anyway, I am NOT down with this autumn transition, and I am over all the people in the world (95% of my friends, I would say) who keep proclaiming their love of fall. I'm over it, I say!

The only redeeming quality of fall is the opportunity for good photos. And that small window of time will be over in about 2 weeks, so I'm filling myself up now. Here are a few photos I took today on my phone as I was walking the dogs through the park.

(Side note: yes, I love Instagram, and I don't care if you hate it. It is a great tool for me. Instagram helps me think more about composition (those squares!), it lets me put all my favorite phone photos in one place, and filters are fun. I know these are not award-winning, because I have some of those on my other camera, homie. I just can't take my big guy with me when I'm walking the pups.)

(P.S. If you want to be Instagram buddies, I'm @natalienoods!!)

I have always loved these big yellow guys, I think I have around 6 photos like this, from different years

It was so hard to see the yellow in the background, thank goodness for filters, because it was like this in real life!

My boots and the leaf carpet.

Sweet-faced favorite dog, Zoe.

I was temporarily blinded by the sun taking this photo.

We need more than just yellow trees around here, but this one is at least a good one.

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