Monday, October 15, 2012


On Thursday I am leaving Athens for a mini-vacation to celebrate two of my favorites getting married! I am beyond excited, not only for the wedding itself, but for the camp reunion that will happen all weekend! Plus, getting the heck out of dodge for a little bit sounds nice. After 11 months of traveling around, it's been quite an adjustment being back home, so I am excited for some open road and seeing old friends.

But I have a lot to do in the meantime. Tomorrow's plans run as follows:

1. wake up before 10am (this miiiight be the most challenging)
2. shower (yes, I have to put this on a list)
3. dash off to the bakery to secure a baguette that is (hopefully) comparable to France (!!)
4. scour my local shops/big box chains to find a bra that works with both my low-backed dress (and my girls)
5. drop off a resumé or two
6. see if my local cobbler can re-sole my gold heels before Thursday afternoon (cross your fingers, because I changed dresses at the last minute and now am working with navy, not black, and the vast majority of my heels are black)
7. return the other dress I bought for this wedding (it suckssss)
8. call my grandpa's retirement home to make sure I can take him off-site for dinner Thursday (precaution, because I tend to look young)
9. check oil/tire pressure on my new/old car, since this trip will be the longest trip we've taken together
10. PACK

I'll be gone for minute, stopping to see my grandpa and darling friend Lizz on the way up, spending the whole weekend in Indiana with 90% of my camp favorites, and visiting Wisco and Cincy on the way back. Hopefully I'll come back refreshed and happier than ever, although I think that's a given. I've only been looking forward to this wedding since LAST September, and really, since Tommo and Kelly met at camp in 2010! (Oh yeah, we knew. They're PEFECT!!)

Obviously I cannot put up a picture of EVERYONE I am going to see this weekend, because that would require going through all of my 20,000 pictures. It would be very hard. So here are just a few (easy-to-find) shots of some people I get to see this weekend!!

Rachelle, Kelly (the bride!), and Flax, looking oh-so-cool
one of my favorite lassies, Emma!!

me in between the happy couple (aka the awkward threesome picture)

big trip 2010, with Amy, Chellers, and Kelly

the lovely Elizabeth, who is now an Ohioan with me again!!

my date, Rak the Ripper
If you aren't in the photo lineup, I'm still excited to see you!!


  1. I forgive you, mostly because I love reading your blog...I mean, you're hilarious...and also because I'm so excited to see you and everyone else that I think the pictures after this weekend is what will really be the gems here :)See you soon pretty lady!

  2. i truly have never found a baguette (or croissant for that matter) that can hold a candle to the one's in France. Enjoy your wedding!! can't wait to see the outfit