Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quiet Evenings

Apparently now when I don't have anything to do in the evenings (aka, all the evenings), I decide I should write blog posts. Confession: I have 3-4 posts already written in my drafts portion. One is being saved for the right moment, and two are just two I wrote and decided they weren't worthy of posting.

I'm complicated.

Today I went to Career Connections and interviewed for them. It's like a temp agency, and while I have done the whole temp agency song-and-dance routine, I've found they are pretty good at keeping me employed. Plus I scored 97% on the Word test and 90% on the Excel test. Oh and got 82 wpm. Wow, I rock. I should be hired immediately! I'm so humble.

plus, I'm adorable!!
Anyway. Both my poor parents are sick these days, with insufferable cough/cold situations. I am convinced that I'm not going to get it. Why? Because I started drinking apple cider vinegar a few weeks ago and it's supposed to make you invincible. So it's like a test! Bring it on, germies!!

You know what is just great about being unemployed? It doesn't matter in the least what I wear all day! I can literally wear whatever strikes my fancy and it is the least important thing. After I got back from my interview today, I got to shed the heels and pencil skirt. And so I grabbed what was chilling on my floor, aka sweatpants and a shredded (on-purpose) t-shirt. At 3:30pm on a Wednesday! It is not all bad in my neck of the woods, friends.

Since Momma is sick, I walked the dogs while she made soup (chicken and rice, oh yeah). I like walking them at sunset best. They don't like it so much because it means they have to wait for a while after they eat their dinner. But the skies are the best then. Cool skies never get old. I bet about 50% of the photos on my phone are of (or featuring) the sky.

today's sunset photo!
Well, let's hope Career Connections pulls through for me and finds me something perfect with insurance so that I can go to the eye doctor, get my prescription updated, and order more contacts. I only have one set left. :-/ bisous!

took this guy walking the dogs the other day, at Sells' Park


  1. keep your head up roomie! (i def understand...and each day i have to ask myself...why did I go to college just to be unemployed?!)

  2. good luck with the job hunt--dream of baguettes and pan au chocolate to keep you smiling. and of me (obviously)

  3. good luck with your job hunt! hope you find something soon