Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Terrible Tuesdays: I Love/Hate Pinterest

Do you use Pinterest? I do. I'm not ashamed. For the record, I do not have any creepy "future wedding" boards for myself. Or future baby boards. Sorry, but I'm not doing either of those things soon, so why on earth would I need pictures/"inspiration" for them?

So then what does one DO on Pinterest, huh? Wellllll...I've got a board for pictures of amazing places I want to travel to. I have a board of decorating inspiration for the house I'm moving into in May. I have a board of style-related photos, which consists of things I would eventually like to wear and/or purchase for myself. I have a board of pictures that I just like, for no particular reason. Like this picture:

Or this one:

Or this one:

Back in the good old days, I used to just right click and save pictures I liked onto my computer. I had a whole folder of them for a long time in college. Actually, I just looked, and there are crap-ton in my iPhoto. Well, hm.

Anyway, so I really like the ability to save pictures in an organized and easy-to-access way. It's awesome when I don't have to open iPhoto (seriously, why does it break my computer when I open iPhoto? is it the 17000+ photos?). 

But also....I HATE Pinterest a LOT.

Let me explain. About 97% of the pictures you find while browsing the site are absolute crap. They, most likely, are: a.) ugly, b.) the 7563rd post you've seen of the same picture, or c.) no longer linked to original sources, so are completely unhelpful.

Like, can we talk about things being overdone? Because if I see another generic living room with brown-ish-grey-ish walls with white trim and black picture frames/furniture, I'm going to kill someone. Adding a large letter or ampersand does not make it quirky or different.


are they or are they not the SAME HOUSE?

It just drives me absolutely nuts when we are at a moment in time where we have access to all sorts of different forms of inspiration--different cultures and countries, furniture from everywhere in the world, photos that date back a hundred years--and we can literally see them all RIGHT IN FRONT OF US ON THE INTERNET EVERY DAY...

...and people still want their houses to look the same. 

Literally. Mind-boggling.

Now, of course, there are amazing things to be found and pinned on the internet. But I have been pinning a lot lately, and do you know what we do NOT need anymore?

1. The following words and phrases: 
a.) "pop of color"
b.) "rustic" (describing literally everything: houses, shirts, cups, horses, shoes, hairstyles, flowers, etc.)
c.) "vintage" (especially because they so often mean vintage-inspired)
d.) "tablescape"
e.) "keep calm & ____"
2. Bridesmaids in cowboy boots, and brides in flip-flops (if you can't handle your shoes all evening, what does that say about you?)
3. Chevron, ombre, smokey eye tutorials, mason jars, mustaches, and fat burning tips
4. Those long pins that make the rest load slower and are pinned a thousand times everywhere
5. "Hilarious" e-cards

But listen, there is one thing Pinterest seriously gets right all the time:

Baby animals.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Annoying Things

1. Nail polish that chips immediately. Also, weak nails.
2. People who go 10 mph on Court St. because the bricks make it feel like you're going faster.
3. People who suck at ordering coffee. (ex. "oh...I wanted it iced"--then you have to ASK for it ICED)
4. Overheating laptops.
5. The fact that it is still winter. (Notice how by the actual first day of winter it's been winter for like a month already? Spring...where you at??)
6. The lack of Thai food in Athens.
7. Online dress shopping.
8. Hanging up clothes in my closet.
9. Not being able to wear "real clothes" to work (because of uniform "policy"; also, spills).
10. Waiting forever for ebook rentals...listen, they are electronic, so what do you mean it's "checked out?"
11. When you have to get up and go to work but someone else doesn't.
12. Being thirsty but cozy in bed (and your bedside glass is empty).
13. When you keep forgetting things until the middle of the night.
14. Buffering videos. Is this not 2013?
15. Parting your hair on the other side because your haircut makes you.
16. Complainers. Sorry, world.

no offense meant (circa 2005)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Terrible Tuesdays: Sleep

I was planning on writing a really good blog post today. But then I fell asleep for 4 1/2 hours in the middle of the day and now I don't care that much anymore. I'll do it next week or something.

So here are some pictures of spring that I have taken over the years in honor of the 1-4 inches of snow we are supposed to get tonight:

That's all folks. I'll try to get my sleep schedule under control (HA) for next week.