Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lemme Upgrade Ya

I arrived home Monday. After flying into Pittsburgh, my mother and I spent the day shopping around. We went to Ikea, since one of the things I keep bringing up enthusiastically is that I plan to help Mom reorganize her sewing room. And the garage. Things have sort of built up into a wall of stuff that is hard to get around, so we scoured the home organization section of the Promised Land (I mean, Ikea) to figure out some solutions. And we went shoe shopping because I destroyed all my flats in the City of Cobbles. Especially in the end after I couldn't afford subway rides anymore...walking 6+ miles a day will KILL your shoes.

clear skies over Pittsburgh
Side note: I bought fake Toms and I feel bad about that because the ones I bought don't give shoes to underprivileged kids. But they were less than half the price, and so I promised myself I would donate some other shoes to the local Goodwill because there are kids in Athens that can't afford shoes either. Phew. I feel better. PS the ones I got are sparklyyyy....

So anyway, then we drove home and I was greeted by one smiling Dalmatian and one peeing Dalmatian. And my dad.

the peeing one
I've been home for just over 24 hours and now I am confronted with the immense organizational problem that is my room. I cleaned it out last summer, but I'm pretty sure my things all reproduce when I am not there. It's already kind of trying, so I figured I need to look on the bright side.


List of Things that are WAY BETTER at Home than in France and/or at Camp

living in 6ft x 9ft
1. My bed at home is roughly the size of my apartment in France, and no one else who is a person sleeps within 25 feet of me.
2. My wardrobe has doubled without me doing anything, since I left stuff here and definitely forgot about it.
3. Peeing in the middle of the night means no longer accidentally running into random people or tripping over tennis rackets and cleats.
4. WASHER AND DRYER (listen, I can't tell you the last time I washed my bras)
5. Having dogs to play with
6. Choosing what I want to eat for dinner (last night was corn and quesadillas, tonight is shrimp, tomorrow is salmon!)
7. Fully emptying my suitcases (was previously using them to store pants under my bed)
8. Reliable, wireless internet
9. Access to a lot of stuff my sister left behind*
10. QT with the parents, even if I do have to program my dad's iPhone

Yesterday I didn't really leave the house, but today I'm getting my hair cut, I might do something about my unruly eyebrows, and I'm looking to hit the drugstore. Hopefully I'll make some headway on the job front too!

*Steph: it's really just stuff in the bathroom, I swear. Mom-approved.

"stay home with meeee..."
The transition is...transitioning. Little luxuries are adding up. Now I just need to find some work!

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  1. oh my gosh those dogs are adorable! I havn't seen a dalmation in forever! haha Transitions can be fun and hard at the same time.