Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So Here's What is Happening

Since arriving home, it's been fairly quiet, but life is not without its surprises. Here's what has been happening chez moi since I last wrote:

1. my car got was, according to the towing guy, "a rite of passage for living in Athens," but it still left me -$138.89
2. I've gotten back into my baking pants and made two quiches and some banana-pear-brandy bread (which was a Natalie-altered recipe, and a great success!)
3. made lots of walks around my neighborhood and I'm happy to report not too many changes, lots of cats, and a few deer/bunny sightings
4. I tore up my finger pads on a bouldering trip and they hurt, a lot
5. my room has been reorganized, and yesterday I opened 3 boxes from my apartment in Brooklyn...progress!
6. I've applied to a few jobs in town, have yet to hear back from any of them
7. apparently it costs about $100 to get my substitute teaching license; therefore, it's on the back burner, because I would rather get a job for free than pay for one
8. been fighting many random, middle-of-the-day headaches, which means many random, middle-of-the-day naps
9. I upgraded my phone, which was long-overdue, and now I can see 100% of the screen, instead of 66%
10. I've seen a few people from high school and have succeeded in not acting like I'm still in high school (aka awkward and self-conscious)!

Here are a few iPhone shots I've taken of my past 10 days at home:

dog butts while walking the 'hood
the aforementioned banana-pear-brandy bread
deer, chillin'
potted plants in the front yard
the brown dalmatian is hiding under the covers somewhere

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