Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Terrible Tuesdays: Moving

Where the heck have I been for a month? I know where I haven't been--packing. I'm due to move into my new house with a couple friends tomorrow (TOMORROW) and I have yet to place a single article of clothing into a box/suitcase/bag. I like to think that because I have half a room full of boxes from moving out of New York two years ago that I sort of am already packed. This is, of course, not true. And yet, here it is, the night before the 15th (Doomsday), and I'm hastily wrapped my collection of colored glass bottles in old Kroger bags.

It's been a busy month, for sure. I have had to deal with a multitude of changes at work. I've been creating schedules, working weekends, training new employees, and dealing with graduation crowds and summer lags. I took a road trip to visit an old friend in South Carolina with another old friend, which was a welcome distraction from my increasing restlessness (hello again!) in Ohio. We ate delicious seafood and I took pictures of every beautiful house I saw. We've had some beautiful weather here; we have also had some disgusting rain and chilly temps. And pollen out the wazoo. Spring, you are a fickle mistress. And I've got busy weeks coming up--more and more work schedule changes, a trip to Toledo for our estate sale, garage sale scrounging for kitchen chairs, etc. Oh, and did I mention I'm leaving for camp on June 11th? Yes.

(Also, I feel like I should say I am no longer dumped? The last post, while still relavent, no longer represents my current relationship status. Once again, my blog title is completely wrong. Yay!)

But first I have to move. I'm leaving the only place I've ever lived in here in Athens for the west side (but listen, west is NOT best, so suck it), and I am not ready. Here what is going to happen--I'm going to panic and just start shoving crap in boxes relatively soon, and then I won't be able to find stuff for work tomorrow. And when it comes time to unpack I will probably overwhelm myself again and come sleep at my parents' house because my room will be crazy messy. Eventually I will just end up throwing out half of the mementos I've stored up and vow to start fresh (aka go thrifting). It's gonna be great.

I would take a picture of my room but it's actually the cleanest it's ever been while moving...because I haven't started yet! I'm so good at being an adult.

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