Monday, September 16, 2013

September: Happy New Blogging Years!

In September a lot of things happen. (This is deep already.)

1. School. Well, school starts for some people. For others, their roommates are in school and then while someone is upstairs watching 10 Things I Hate About You, other people are reading illegally uploaded pdfs and doing math. And one person feels guilty but also secretly gleeful that her life of laziness allows her to not care.

2. Clothes change. All of a sudden it's cool but not cold but also warm and sometimes hot and sunny with sudden rain. Transitional! It's transitional. And you have to layer, and you get excited, but then you remember how much you're going to miss that perfect sundress you didn't get until August so you are just chilly a lot and you mock the people who are already wearing tights. (What?) Also your shoulders are still peeling from that dark burn/tan on Labor Day.

3. The people get excited for Fall. And as we have already established here, and on facebook, and my other social media, and in person, I do not like fall. I am the only person in the history of the world who proudly declares, I HATE FALL. It's the worst. Fall gets you all hyped up on pumpkin spice lattes (don't get me started now that I am a barista) and boots and scarves, and lets you think your life is going to be a freaking hayride of joy and stews. But what you need to realize is that fall is actually just mostly November which is grey and windy and crap. The good days of fall are actually Indian Summer (which is NOT NOW, guys...look at a calendar, because this is still regular summer for like, 3 more days!!), and then like maybe two random days in October where it is sunny and the leaves are still pretty and it's 65. The rest is just awful.

Okay so many other things also happen in September, but the point is, September is when my writing mojo comes back. It likes to randomly arrive on a Monday night after an 8 1/2 hour shift where we served 90 people in 60 minutes and I've googled the living daylights out of the Cincinnati bridal scene and all I've eaten since 6am are two packs of apple cinnamon oatmeal (breakfast), a thing of Wendy's chili (lunch), and a giant freaking calzone with red onions and sausage (dinner at 9:30pm) which will surely keep me up for at least another hour or so with the burps. Sometimes I think my mojo only arrives when I don't eat vegetables.

And that, is how this blogging year shall start.

(The title is going to change too, can't help that. It's the rule of New Blogging Years.)


  1. 1) yay I miss your blogging!

    2) It is also the Jewish new year, fyi

    3) I think I am the only person who posts, but wait until you are like nat the fat rat. Then you will get a million comments from rando people and I will still be your favorite/the only one you aren't weird-ed out by.

  2. hey look im commenting too! And OH NO THE BURPS! HAHAH the Natalie burps are the worst! hahaha xoxo