Monday, January 28, 2013

Terrible Tuesdays

Hey remember when I wrote in this thing?


So I've decided I'm going to start doing some weekly feature-type situations, where I post regularly on a certain subject every week. A lot of successful blogs (by successful, I mean interesting, hilarious, and cool) that I read tend to do this. It definitely gives a somewhat random blog a bit more it gives you readers something AWESOME to look forward to! Like Postsecret on Sundays, except probably not like that at all. Like the idea of Postsecret. It'll probably execute more like...drinking too much on a Friday: disastrous, but predictable.

The first weekly feature (oh, there may be TWO or THREE eventually!) I have decided to implement, which I think goes along with the original intent of the blog quite nicely, is called Terrible Tuesdays. On Tuesday, I will tell you a real-life story of something tragically preventable and altogether completely ridiculous that happened to me in the past week, in horrifying detail. I call it Terrible Tuesdays, not because I am a pessimist or anything, but because I am an allitigator. Because I like alliteration.

Well look at that! This means I have to post tomorrow. Are you excited? It could be something astonishingly cringeworthy, like when I completely didn't recognize someone from high school on Friday and instead ignored said person because I thought I didn't know them, only to realize I had causally dated them in high school. I dated around two people in high school. YEAH. Or maybe it will be a slow-motion breakdown of the time I gently set two glass shelves in a sink of soapy water to sanitize, only for one of them to shatter in the sink. Or maybe it will be a poetic muse on the fact that I have been "cleaning my room" for around 6 hours today and there is still a decorated, tinsel Christmas tree in my room. If you guys like this feature then maybe...maybe, someday, you will get to see the instructional "Wobble" dance video I made as an early wedding present for my friends.

Oh, it's gonna be good.

(FYI, some posts will probably just be a ridiculous photo of me. Like the one below.)

just pretending to sleep, while standing up in my kitchen...average night

See you tomorrow!

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