Thursday, January 3, 2013


This year is almost over. Time has been speeding up on me; somehow I'm halfway through my 26th year. We are about to enter my least favorite months (January, February, March) and now tends to be the time when all of us take a good, hard look at ourselves, and make some harsh critiques. I do this every year without fail--make resolutions with noble goals. Rarely do these stick. I'm just not cut out for sudden changes.

So, of late, I've begun creating random to-do lists, full of vague improvements and specific goals I hope to accomplish, in the coming year, or eventually. This list is designed to give me opportunities to do better, without a specific way to fail. Hopefully I can cross everything off the list at some point, but also including vague items gives me the wiggle room I need to release New Years resolution pressure.

Obviously this list is not comprehensive; I have certain goals that I do not believe will be realized in 2013 (find my dream job, take a vacation that doesn't involve sleeping on a friend's couch/floor/spare bed, afford comprehensive health insurance), but this represents improvements I think I can make successfully, new things I want to learn/try, and maybe a few things I should already be doing...

TO DO IN 2013

1. Pay off my credit card from my time in Paris
2. Learn how to make pasta from scratch
3. Practice yoga more
4. Learn 3 designs to draw in latte foam
5. Plan a trip (hopefully abroad)
6. Squint less, moisturize more, stress less, communicate more
7. Pay student loans each month on time, plus at least $5 extra (but usually more) each time
8. Write (fiction, non-fiction, whatever)
9. Keep my room and bathroom neat
10. Work on posture and flexibility
11. Learn how to make a good dirty martini (vodka please)
12. Get a planner, keep it current
13. Keep better track of mindless eating, add more raw fruits and veggies to my meals
14. Take a road trip with a friend
15. Learn a new song on the piano
16. Make a better effort to keep in touch with old friends
17. Drink more tea
18. Make pickles
19. Continue worrying less about what other people think; compare myself to others less
20. Perform more random acts of kindness

All my instincts are telling me to start making daily checklists, measure out portions, purge my closet, find my running shoes, and email my bank accounts to my more financially savvy friends for them to budget me out. But I think this way is a lot less terrifying...and let's not lie, WAY easier.

Happy 2013, and here's to various fresh starts, new ideas, fun beginnings, and (always) old friends!

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  1. I can totally teach you how to do numbers 11 & 18. Shocking, those are the two that involve food or alcohol. Or both? I've had a pickled martini before...