Monday, January 14, 2013

Midwestern Blogging

Hi friends! In an effort to emerse myself more into the blogging world, I'm going to be joining up with some other awesome Midwestern lady bloggers in a collaboration of sorts. Even though LA and New York are the blogging hot spots of the moment, there are a ton of cool blogs written by people just like me(!) nearby. I'm excited to learn more about promoting my blog and how to focus my writing and content into something perhaps a little more marketable. It's a new step for me, and so I'm just this space!!

The mastermind behind all this is La Petite Fashionista up in Wisconsin. Check her out! And don't worry--I will keep you abreast of all newness in my blogging world, and I will definitely link to my work elsewhere (like on the Midwest Style Blog).

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