Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Terrible Tuesdays: Managing

Remember when I said some posts were going to be short?

My boss is out of town this week and I am the Head Honcho 'round these parts right now. Last night I went out to dinner, and then I fell asleep. I was supposed to pick up milk for the coffee shop that afternoon, but we had plenty for the next half a day, so I put it off till after dinner. Of course, how could I anticipate that I would fall asleep? (Three hours of rest the night before should have clued me in.) Luckily I have an alarm at 10pm every evening, and that roused me.

So it's 10pm, we need milk, I have to be at work in 8 hours. Wal-Mart it is. Now, if there is one thing I have learned in my adult life, it's that Wal-Mart is just the worst. Hey, Wal-mart, where are your tissues?? Not near the medicine, not near the make up, not in "Health and Beauty." No, they are by the paper towels and toilet paper. Which are all in the opposite corner of a giant store. Yeah, that makes sense.

Luckily, I have a saint of a mother, and when I called to find out if our second fridge (that's another story) had enough room to store 25 gallons of milk overnight (it does), she caught the sleep in my voice and offered to come help. We hustled into Wal-Mart, meaning business. Straight to the back, grabbed 15 whole, 10 skim (we mix them if someone asks for 2%), out of there in less than 10 minutes total. GOOD TO GO, BABY.

Fast forward to this afternoon. I worked my 9-hour shift, went to the post office (aka the other worst), and came home,  and prepared to relax, make muffuletta for Mardi Gras, and not work.

Ding ding.

Obviously text from work.

"hey...someone bought 1%, not skim"


I cursed myself for not checking labels/caps (Wal-Mart's skim milks have PINK caps, everyone else has BLUE caps), rushed to work, grabbed the milk, rushed to Wal-Mart, loaded it all in a cart, ran it inside, stood in line, asked for an exchange, grabbed another cart, rushed to the back of the store, loaded 10 skim milks, waited in line again, exchanged the stuff, went back to the milk section because we needed some more whole milk for tomorrow, looked EVERYWHERE for Clif Bars (I hate Wal-Mart), paid, drove back to work, unloaded, and...finally...finished my day. An hour and a half in total, including the convenient State Street detour they set up on my way back with the new milk.

My boss comes back tomorrow. I'm so excited, I'm delirious. The next person who looks at the harried version of me pushing a cartload of milk, and goes, "Got milk?" is going down.

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