Monday, February 25, 2013

Terrible Tuesdays: Four-Eyes

I have a terrible problem--I have to make a decision and I am notoriously bad at decision-making. And change. Especially when it comes to changing my appearance. (Please note I have only changed my hair one time since I was 20 and chopped it off for Locks of Love, and that was the Bang Phase of 2010. Let it be known that bangs and summer do NOT mix.)

Well, as you may or may not know, I do not have perfect vision. I have had some form of eyewear prescription since 1997, although I got contacts in college and never looked back. In fact I have only owned 3 pairs of glasses since 6th grade. Which is why a.) my current glasses are 11 years old, b.) they are outdated, and c.) I hate them with the passion of a thousand suns.

Here are my current glasses:

I can kind of see where sophomore-Natalie was coming from, I like the blue frames, but the shape is a little too mid-2000s for me. And they give me awful glasses marks. And once, when we were driving through Yellowstone on a family trip, my brother hit me across the face and these glasses CUT ME between my eyes. They will never be forgiven.

So anyway, after getting my prescription updated for the first time in 4.5 years (look away, Quinns!), I decided I should probably get new glasses that help me actually see in case I, like, need to see.

Enter Warby Parker.

I have a couple of friends who have gotten glasses from Warby Parker. Cute and stylish friends to boot. And I loved the idea of an at-home try-on without a pushy salesperson or fluorescent lights. So I online shopped, and a box was delivered chez moi this afternoon with five pairs of glasses (sans prescription) for me to try on!

Now, as I said, I need your help. I am hyper-critical of photos of myself (aren't we all), and so I can't really look at these pictures without seeing the zit on my nose, my pointy chin, and the fact that my eyes aren't symmetrical (nor are the tops of my ears). So, if you have a moment or two, please just look at this montage of photos and tell me which ones suck less. Please? I just suffered through taking like 50 pictures of myself, it's the least you can do...I mean, you're reading this, so just opinionated for a sec. kthx.

First up, the contestants:

For the record, as you will see in further photos, I wrote "what's up with these names" under "Clyde," because I was attempting humor, and seriously, I feel like I'm talking about horses or pretentious private schoolers.

Next up, a straight-on shot of me in each pair, hopefully similar enough to compare the shape of the frames to the shape of my face/eyes/zit:

note--the two photos correspond so you know which frame is which

Finally, the talent round! Let's see what these puppies can do when I interject a little personality into them. Each contestant gets one basic shot, one shot with hair pulled back, and one "fun" shot. Let's see what these girls are made of!






Ladies and gentlemen, those are our contestants! Please judge away, but in a nice tone.


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Note: I am not sponsored by, nor affiliated with Warby Parker in any way, shape, or form. I'm just a customer, homie.


  1. I vote Sloan or Kingsley! both super cute & feminine :)

  2. my favorite is clyde. but also, i kind of agree with your sassy little sister. i'd like to see a few more delicate glasses on your beautiful face.