Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Terrible Tuesdays: Cold Coffee Drinks

I have very little energy this week because it is finally nice in Ohio. And do you know what that means for your barista?

We're making cold drinks.

The cold drink station is exHAUSting because you aren't JUST making iced drinks. Or JUST frozen. You're doing both. And it ain't pretty.

Smoothies are flying.

Melted ice everywhere.

Straw wrappers.

Oh you wanted decaf? And skim? And sugar-free?

And then ONE GUY wants a hot drink and the whoooole system falls apart.


So yeah. Today during a busy moment we helped 63 customers in 37 minutes. I didn't even check the later rushes because do you know what happens after you've been busy for 2 hours straight? You have to restock. And then you run out of cold brew. And then you die.


So after I came home and did my taxes (twice, because Turbo Tax is a huuuuge bitch) and picked up some new bookshelves and cooked dinner, I don't want to write any more about coffee. I am starting to dream about it.

(But GOOD NEWS: maybe a job opportunity coming up, the government said, oh you ARE poor, here's some money, and I am going on a little break with some lovely ladies in less than 3 weeks!!)


  1. Ugh, yuck! I felt stressed just reading about your day...
    Anyway, I thought I'd say hey since I'm a fairly new follower and fellow Ohioan :)

    1. It's been brutal. But thanks for stopping by!!