Thursday, March 21, 2013

Annoying Things

1. Nail polish that chips immediately. Also, weak nails.
2. People who go 10 mph on Court St. because the bricks make it feel like you're going faster.
3. People who suck at ordering coffee. (ex. "oh...I wanted it iced"--then you have to ASK for it ICED)
4. Overheating laptops.
5. The fact that it is still winter. (Notice how by the actual first day of winter it's been winter for like a month already? Spring...where you at??)
6. The lack of Thai food in Athens.
7. Online dress shopping.
8. Hanging up clothes in my closet.
9. Not being able to wear "real clothes" to work (because of uniform "policy"; also, spills).
10. Waiting forever for ebook rentals...listen, they are electronic, so what do you mean it's "checked out?"
11. When you have to get up and go to work but someone else doesn't.
12. Being thirsty but cozy in bed (and your bedside glass is empty).
13. When you keep forgetting things until the middle of the night.
14. Buffering videos. Is this not 2013?
15. Parting your hair on the other side because your haircut makes you.
16. Complainers. Sorry, world.

no offense meant (circa 2005)

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