Monday, December 17, 2012

My Weekend in New York

Bonnie and Chris's tree!
This past weekend was the 4th Annual Tree Viewing in Brooklyn, and as a part of the original T.V., I had to be there. T.V. is the bestest most fantastical Christmas party around, and what we do is drink a lot, eat a lot, and dance a LOT at many apartments. It's progressive, in every sense of the word. It's an awesome tradition because it includes original poems/songs at each stop, meatballs, festive attire, plastic cups with your name on them, and BLT dip. It also includes people coming from all over New York and other places (like, ahem, Ohio), and friends from many different circles.

It's the best. I'm done trying to explain it.

Instead of recapping in the way that involves paragraphs and lots of typing, I'm going to be doing this update in list form. This is because somewhere around the Maryland/West Virginia state line on my drive home, I developed what I have deemed the "stomach demon." It started as what I believed were hunger pains (because they mostly are), and sort of developed into more of a "hmmm were the tomatoes bad on my Subway sandwich?" feeling, which of course turned into, "boy I hope I don't have to pull over on the side of this dark, rural highway and vomit up my guts," and then became severe pain and terribleness before (nearly) blindly making it home. Seriously. I hit the curb turning onto my street and then stumbled into my house and lay on the floor for 20 minutes before I could move again. I'm still feeling after effects (no, I haven't gotten out of bed), and have no idea wtf is wrong. As I described it last night to my dad, it feels like a tiny turtle with claws found its way into my stomach and occasionally shoots out flaming arrows, which eventually burn out, but the turtle lives on and migrates to different points in my abdomen.

So list time! This list consists (assonance!) of things I learned on my mini-break to the Big City. I hope you enjoy it:

1. If you wander the streets of Manhattan in the uber-congested shopping areas on a Saturday in December people will literally throw free samples at you. I got some hummus!
2. I miss bagels in a way that is perhaps not natural.

this was my 2nd bagel in 6 hours--whole wheat everything with
veggie cream cheese, tomato, onion, and lox
3. I want to eat everything at Dean and Deluca.
4. Staten Island and Breezy Point are still totally crazy. And no one knows outside of the city. Not cool.
5. I still know all the (not English) words to that "Numa Numa" song from 7 years ago.
6. I can no longer finish my favorite brunch entrĂ©e in one sitting at The Farm. Who am I??

super delicious bloody mary, although it was a "preemie pickle"
7. The worst part about driving home with a tummy ache and your glasses on is making eye contact with the sketchy dudes at the gas station to let them know you know they are watching you.
8. I am AWESOME at meatballs and also they are delicious. Bonnie has a gooooood recipe.
9. I have a secret admirer in Brooklyn.
10. My friends' apartments in New York continually impress me and get more and more grown-up and beautiful each time I go.
11. The Verrazano costs $13 to cross.
why so expensive??
12. Eataly is perhaps the single most confusing store/restaurant/situation I have ever been to. Also, expensive.
13. People do not know what is happening with the subways. All I know is the F train is fine. Don't ask questions.
14. I think I'm super funny when I walk past those blow up Christmas decorations.

"you look like you could use a drink, Rudolph" 
15. My past life in New York was really great and I am so thankful for those three years and the friendships that have come from them.
16. Also, my friends are crafty. See next photo.

Best Dressed of the evening
Hope your weekends were equally amazing and that you are not sick in your bed. Although the homemade chicken noodle soup, dog as hot water bottle, and bedside service are all making it much more bearable!

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  1. A list in return
    1. I really hope I didn't give you those turtles.
    2. That bagel looks AMAZING
    3. I highly doubt #7 is true. I'm pretty sure its worrying if you are going to vomit on yourself and have to spend the rest of the time driving in your own vomit.
    4. I'm really sad I couldn't spend more time at the TV. It is one of my most favorite times of the year as well.
    5. Both Jonathan and I are incredibly excited that we received the best dressed award.
    6. It is really hard for me to get used to the idea of your eating meat. It took me about 2 years to get accustomed to you NOT eating meat... you best not switch on me again