Monday, November 12, 2012

She's Employed!

I started this post like 6 times this past week, but it always ended up being the most boring thing I have ever written. So...if at first you don't succeed...

So here is what happened: during my temporary stint at the Athens Historical Society, I had the good fortune of getting happy hour with two old friends, Katie and Charlie. By some magical stroke of luck, Charlie was looking for someone to fill his old position at his mother's coffee shop, and bing bang boom, I was hired! You can find me at Court Street Coffee, where I'm making drinks, stocking scones, spilling milk, and wiping counters like a pro.

I can do fancy stuff!!
While this job really has absolutely zero to do with my field of study/hopes and dreams/life goals, I think it's going to be a great "transition" occupation. I'm getting management experience, which is always a plus, no matter what the scenario. It's pretty easy, there's always something to do, and I get to talk to a lot of people, which, obviously, I enjoy. Finally, I am learning a very handy trade skill, and if I were to move to a large city at some point in the future without any job prospects, making coffee is a good fall-back position. People love them some damn coffee.

So that's what is happening. You should come visit me and I will make you a delicious latte, or recommend a fancy loose-leaf tea, or leave just the right amount of room for cream in your coffee.

Also, there will probably be some hilarious hi-jinx with this job. Something like me making huge mistakes, probably some crazy customers, etc. This blog might actually get interesting again! YAY.

Two other fun things that have happened lately:

1. I had to go to Columbus for training, and that was really cool. I saw how Crimson Cup gets the beans and roasts them, and I learned how to make all the drinks and stuff. During my lunch break I went to Whole Foods, and then randomly ran into La Chatelaine, which is a French/Belgian bakery in Arlington (and other places) and got to have a croque monsieur, onion soup, and coffee. I also bought a baguette and two croissants because I could. It mad me so sad and also sooo happy!

mon déjeuner fabuleux
Also on the way home I almost ran out of gas on 270 and wanted to kill myself. Luckily I got to 33 and exited as soon as I could. Then this train of thought happened:

Hmm just getting gas then getting HOME. I don't need anything but my wallet, so I'll just drop all my keys and stuff in my purse. Oh, but I better lock the door because I have all these groceries and stuff for the shop. *slam*

Yep, locked my keys in my car just outside Columbus. After 7 fruitless calls home, a mall cop unlocked my door with those flat metal thingys and I was on my way. But seriously, felt like a HUGE moron for about 20 minutes. Sad girl in the gas station, that's me.

always a fun sight in rush-hour traffic
2. This is more fun. I went out to my dear friend Chelsea's property a few nights ago for a stump burning bonfire. She and her dad are clearing trees to make an awesome campsite/music venue, but it's in the very early stages. Anyway, it was a clear night and I saw two shooting stars! That's a big deal for me, because I have only seen 3 now. I have little patience for staring up at the sky. One of them was super bright and it curved. Crazy. Also, the fire was lovely and big.

sparks flying

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